Sugar Industry Statistical Information


The Facts and Figures of the sugar industry provides statistical information and seasonal comparisons of the Total Cane/Sugar Production, Crop Data, Sugarcane Crushed by Mills, SA Sugar Supplies into the SACU Market and Recoverable Value and Cane Prices.

The Total Cane/Sugar Production graph provides a season by season comparison of sugar produced. It also provides insight on the quantity of sugar consumed nationally and the quantity of sugar sold on the international market.

The Sugarcane Crushed by Mills graph provides information on the total amount of sugarcane crushed by South African mills.

The Crop Data graph provides a seasonal comparison of the total crop area under sugarcane.

The Recoverable Value (RV) and Cane Prices graph provides a seasonal comparison of the RV determined price.

SALES 2014/2015

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National Market Sugar Consumption

Estimates (tons) Sugarcane crush Saleable sugar production
December 2017 for the 2017/2018 Season (tons) 17 388 161 1 993 727
The National Market Sugar Consumption table indicates the SA sugar supply into the SACU markets.

Direct Employment

Direct employment within the sugar industry is approximately 85 000 jobs, which represents a significant percentage of the total agricultural workforce in South Africa. Indirect employment is estimated at 350 000. In addition there are 21 543 registered cane growers. Approximately one million people, more than 2% of South Africa’s population, depend on the sugar industry for a living.

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Cane growing in South Africa


Currently, there are 21 543 registered growers in South Africa. As of 1 April 2018, the umbrella body representing growers shall be called Cane Farmers’ Federation (CFF). Previously, SACGA used to represent all the registered growers. The CFF came into being after the constitutional amendments and changes to the Sugar Industry Agreement to make the industry more inclusive and representative. The CFF will be made up of Cane Growers’ Associations (CGAs) such as SACGA, SAFDA and other qualifying CGAs.

The CFF representation will be determined on the basis of cane delivery and membership. The industry leadership has agreed to transitional arrangements for up to 30 September 2018 as part of the amendments. This will assist all parties to ease into the new legislation (pending gazetting), especially since the new representative structures will require some time to establish their identities. For the duration of the transitional arrangements, SASA has offered to serve a secretariat function for an interim CFF, while SAFDA and SACGA establish the CFF.

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