Growers and Millers

The South African Sugar Association (SASA) is made up of miller and grower organisations. SASA has to fulfil certain defined functions that are legislated in the Sugar Industry Agreement and also provides services that support the cane growing and sugar manufacturing sectors of the industry. SASA was established to do all such things necessary, proper and advisable for the advancement generally of the sugar industry…


The CFF represents all growers in the SASA structure except grower codes that belong to SASA or to a milling company. The CFF’s members shall be any number of Cane Growers’ Associations (CGA) provided they meet certain criteria. For a CGA to have a representative on the CFF, it must have enough members and enough tonnage to entitle it to a seat on the CFF and into SASA Council. The 24 members of the CFF will elect 24 delegates to SASA as well as nominate 16 SASA Council members. The costs of running the CFF will be charged proportionally to the membership of the CFF. Each CGA will be invoiced by the CFF for its membership. Up to 30 September 2018, SASA will serve a secretariat function for an interim CFF, while giving SAFDA and SACGA time to establish the CFF.


The SMRF are “Milling Groups” who produce at least 50 000 tons of saleable sugar or saleable sugar equivalent per season which is produced from South African sugarcane or beet.

What is a CGA?

CGAs are associations which represent growers in the mill area as well as in the CFF. For 2018/2019 season, the South African Cane Growers’ Association NPC and the South African Farmers Development Association, are deemed to be CGAs. If any other organisation wants to be a CGA for the 2019/2020 season they must inform the CFF and must meet the criteria.