The marketing, sales and logistics related to South Africa’s bulk raw sugar is performed by the International Marketing Division. The division focuses on achieving maximum net proceeds within an acceptable level of risk. The raw sugar is sold to refineries in the East, Middle East and the United States, either directly or through international trade houses. Price risk is managed by hedging the value of raw sugar exports on the InterContinental Exchange ICE US Futures No 11. Bulk raw sugar is exported through SASA’s Sugar Terminal in Durban and the STAM Terminal in Maputo, in which SASA is a shareholder.

International Export Terminal

The South African Sugar Terminal is situated on Maydon Wharf, which forms part of the Port of Durban, the busiest harbour on the African continent.
Built in 1965, the Terminal provides storage and handling facilities for the South African Sugar Industry’s export production of bulk raw and bagged (raw and refined) sugar. It also houses a unique Molasses Mixing Plant which coats bulk raw sugar at the time of loading to produce variable levels of quality, as specified by the international buyers.

Terminal Storage Facility
Specs Silo I Silo II Silo III Warehouse
Length 249m 298m 285m
Width 64m 64m 48m
Height 28M 28M 28M
Area -+ 16 000m² 20 000m² 14 000m² 18 000m²
Storage Capacity 185 000 220 000 120 000 55 000

Bulk Raw Sugar Intake and Shiploading Facility

  • Total Raw Sugar Storage Capacity : 525 000 Tons (50 000m2)

Intake Receipt Equipment

  • 1 x 80 Ton Assised Rail Truck Tippler
  • 1 x 60 Ton Assised Rail and Road Truck Load cell Hopper
  • 1 x 60 Ton Assised Road Truck Load cell Hopper

Intake Operation

  • Receives export sugar from 12 Sugar Mills 24hrs x 7 days per week from April to December.
  • 25% transported by rail trucks
  • 75% transported by road vehicles
  • Average intake is 2 500 tons of sugar per 24 hours peaking at 7 000 tons during mid-season.

Shiploading Equipment

  • 1 X 15 Ton Assised Batchweigher
  • Conveyor loading at 1000 tons per hour

Shiploading Operation

  • Loads vessels from 12 000 tons to 42 000 tons, average 35 x 25 000 Ton vessels per year
  • Berth and Shiploading Facilities
  • Mean Low Tide working draft of 9.6 meters
  • Air Draft of 10.5 meters above the quay

Warehouse Breakbulk Sugar Intake and Export

  • (50kg and 1 Ton bags)
  • Total Bagged Warehouse Sugar Storage Capacity : 55 000 Tons (18 000m2)

Intake Operation

  • Receives average of 900 Tons of bagged sugar per 24 hours peaking at 2500 Tons

Export Operation

  • Breakbulk Shiploading Operation 2 500 Tons per 24 hours
  • Container Loading Operation 2000 tons per 24 hours (-+200 containers)