The division is responsible for managing industry matters that affect the national market for sugar including statistically analysing sugar sales, supplies and demand, researching drivers of sugar demand, administering aspects of SACU/SADC sugar agreements, the administration of industrial rebates, monitoring of the sugar tariff regime and the delivery of generic marketing communication about sugar to consumers.

Tour of South African Sugar Terminal

The Sugar Terminal is situated on Maydon Wharf, which forms part of the Port of Durban, the busiest harbour on the African continent. The sugar terminal was built in the early 1960s in order to reduce the handling costs of sugar, to relieve congestion of ships in the harbour and to prevent deterioration of sugar whilst in storage. The terminal’s objectives include ensuring that sugar is available on short notice, that there is space to handle more than one grade of sugar and most importantly that the industry could strategically time the sale of sugar into overseas markets. The total raw sugar capacity of the three silos is 525 000 tons. The terminal is efficiently managed by an Operations Manager, together with the following departments: Safety (ensuring a safe working environment, compliance with relevant standards and regulations); Engineering (ensuring that the plant is operational at all times), Intake (responsible for the efficient receipting and dispatch of sugar, also assists during ship-loading) and Quality (sugar samples are taken and analysed by the laboratory to ensure that the relevant quality standards are met).

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