Sustainable Land Reform and Development

The primary objective of the Land Reform and Development Department is to support a sustainable land reform and development programme in the industry. This is achieved through the formulation and coordination of an industry land reform and rural development strategy aimed at sustaining cane production, developing the skills and capacity of growers, promoting good governance practices and sound business management amongst the land holding and business entities, and through supporting the implementation of catalytic rural development/CRDP projects.The department also contributes to the improvement of livelihoods of rural communities through sugar donations and enterprise development.

Locating the function at SASA has strategic benefit in that it enables a single point of interface with government and other stakeholders. It also enables structured coordination and greater effectiveness in how various interventions / projects are implemented across the industry.

Key Performance Areas

The key performance areas of the Land Reform and Development Department are to:

  • Position the industry as a credible partner in land reform and rural development sector
  • Positively influence government’s policy and legislative framework by serving as an industry expert on land reform and development
  • Provide strategic support for the settlement of gazetted restitution claims in a sustainable manner
  • Communicate and support the implementation of the industry’s rural development strategy
  • Capacitate and empower new entrant land reform growers
  • Development a long term governance support programme for land holding entities
  • Provide high level project coordination service for restitution, PLAS, Recap and farm dwellers projects
  • Facilitate the strategic allocation of (sugar donations and Enterprise Development funds), and Grower Development Account funds
  • Maintain a well organised land reform database

Stakeholder Engagement

Regular engagement with policymakers, environmental partners, academic and natural resource sector specialists:

  • Assists in mobilising key stakeholders
  • Keeping industry abreast of policy and strategic research developments
  • Managing shared resources such as our scarce water resources
  • Advocating industry positions in support of sustainable sugarcane and sugar production, and
  • Facilitating an enabling regulatory environment for the industry

Black Grower Support

Black grower development covers a wide range of issues, all of which attempt to improve the development, empowerment and growth of sugarcane growers. Included under the Black grower development banner is a broad spectrum of interventions including: training, sustainable development initiatives, social facilitation, mentorship, and creation of broad based opportunities that provide empowerment yields for Black sugarcane growers.

Social Investment

SASA has a proud history of corporate social investment in the fight against poverty and underdevelopment within rural sugarcane growing communities.

Rural Development

SASA promotes a culture of self-reliance through our social investment and development programmes. We are active in District and Local Municipalities within KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga provinces. Our support to communities ranges from sugar donations and enterprise development to providing financial support to welfare and health organisations.

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The South African sugar industry has long recognised the need to promote diverse ownership of agricultural land under sugarcane and have a range of support instruments in place to promote the sustainability of initiatives aimed at changing the ownership profile of sugarcane land. It is worth mentioning that industry initiatives have contributed significantly to the transfer of 21% of freehold land under sugarcane from white growers to black growers...
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