SASA Diversification Report

The SASA Diversification Report is a publication designed to showcase the South African Sugar Association’s (SASA’s) commitment to promoting a more diversified sugarcane industry, premised on a reimagined sugarcane strategy, which puts more emphasis on innovation.


The R20 billion South African sugar industry is cost-competitive, consistently ranking in the top 15 out of approximately 120 sugar-producing countries worldwide.

The South African sugar industry provides employment in job starved regions often in deep rural areas where there is little other economic activity or employment opportunity. The industry provides education and training, contributes to excellence in research, science and technology, supporting enterprises, and ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources. Opportunities for this industry to contribute further to South Africa lie ahead and include renewable energy.

Latest Sugar Industry News

The South African Sugar Journal is the only official voice of the industry. It contains the latest information regarding the developments in the industry. It is more than one hundred years old and offers relevant information about milling, growing, research and social investment within the sugar industry and has gone digital. It is published on a quarterly basis. Please visit www.sasugar.co.za to view the latest edition of the South African Sugar Journal.


Sugar Industry at a Glance

The R20 billion South African sugar industry is cost-competitive, consistently ranking in the top 15 out of approximately 120 sugar-producing countries worldwide. Stretching across two provinces of South Africa, namely Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal, the sugar industry makes a positive difference to the lives of more than a million people and is a catalyst to economic growth and development. The South African sugar industry is a significant contributor to the national fiscus, and operates in rural areas of the country. The economic impact of the industry has proven over decades to be so significant that entire towns, for example, Tongaat in KwaZulu-Natal and Malelane in Mpumalanga among many other rural towns and regional centers, have been established based on the business of growing sugarcane and supplying sugar.

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Sugar Industry Hails Signing of Master Plan

The South African sugar industry has welcomed the virtual signing of the all-important Sugarcane Value Chain Master Plan to 2030 by all stakeholders. “This is a very momentous occasion for the industry and South Africa as a whole. We are breathing life into the sugar industry which has been in ICU for a number of years due to serious challenges such as the incursion of sugar imports, the insufficient tariff, sugar tax, dwindling local revenues and other deleterious external factors,” said Sindi Mabaso-Koyana, Independent Chairperson of the South African Sugar Association (SASA) which represents the country’s sugar industry. The optimisation of the local market and diversification into fuel ethanol are some critical elements of the master plan.

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Agoa Forum I Discussions Afoot On Trade Instrument Between The Us And Sub-saharan Africa

Nov 2nd, 2023|

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) must ensure that the continent is fully benefiting from the trade instrument between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa. That's according to African trade...

Success Stories/Testimonials

I love working and learning at SASA! Thanks to the SITFE education program I am now a confident expert in the sugar cane industry. This is where a “success story” or “testimonial” will pull through. This is sample text. This will be replaced with real stories/testimonials when the website goes live. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, no dicat animal qui.

Jamie Myburgh, Come Alive

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Nicole Deschamps, Come Alive

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Cedric Mboyisa, SASA

Interdict Papers in Durban High Court Case No. 13763/2023

The application seeks urgently to interdict the meeting that the Business Rescue Practitioners of Tongaat Hulett Limited (in business rescue) (“THL”) have called on Friday, 8 December 2023 at 08h00 to consider and vote on the business rescue plan published on 29 November 2023.





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