View our publications. We have a wide range of information available for download – which includes the South African Sugar Journal, Industry Directory, Publications and important Educational Material order forms available to you.

Industry Directory

The annual Industry Directory gives you a useful and brief introduction to the sugar industry, an updated contact directory of people at SASA, South African Cane Growers’ Association, South African Farmers Development Association, South African Sugar Millers’ Association Limited, Mill Group Boards, research organisations and labour organisations. There are also industry production figures and graphs, industry information and historical highlights.


Sugar Journal

The South African Sugar Journal is the only official voice of the industry. It contains the latest information regarding the developments in the industry. It is more than one hundred years old and offers relevant information about milling, growing, research and social investment within the sugar industry and has gone digital. It is published on a quarterly basis. Please visit to view the latest edition of the South African Sugar Journal.


Development Publications

SASA has a proud history of corporate social investment, in the fight against poverty and underdevelopment within rural sugar cane growing communities. To find out 10 things you never knew about the South African Sugar Association’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, click on the link below:

10 Things you never knew about The South African Sugar Association


Educational Material

The Educational Material consists of student packs that cater for pupils between the ages of 9 – 13 years packed with exciting and user-friendly material. The information contained provides an interesting educational look at the sugar industry and gives children a breakdown of the process of how sugarcane is processed into sugar crystals.
It also includes flash cards and diagrams covering sugar history, geography, environment, science and nutrition.
For more information contact the External Affairs Division or email

External Affairs Division

Nutrition Publications

These print material are suitable for handing out to patients after a counselling session. The series available are:

  1. Do you have diabetes?
  2. Understanding diabetes
  3. Balanced eating for good health
  4. Understanding obesity
  5. Guidelines for healthy eating
  6. Understanding hypertension and stroke
  7. Sugar and health
  8. Lifestyle guidelines for adults and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS
  9. Oral health (in HIV/AIDS)

The leaflets are free of charge and available in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Pedi, Sesotho (not all publications are available in all the different languages. See order form).


Patient Leaflets on Child Nutrition

These print materials are suitable for handing out to parents after a counselling session. The series available are:

  1. Healthy eating for children
  2. Dietary Guidelines for Children living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  3. Oral Health for Children

The leaflets are free of charge and available in English and Zulu (not all publications are available in both languages). See order form.


Materials for Health Workers & Counsellors

These booklets are useful for nurses, community health workers and nutrition counsellors who have had some basic training in nutrition. The information is more detailed than the patient leaflets and assist the health worker in giving nutrition information to patients. The booklets are free of charge and available in English only.

Order Forms for Educational Materials

Materials for Health Professionals

These are detailed booklets for health professionals. They provide the scientific information and some of the literature that was reviewed in compilation of the patient leaflets. The booklets are free of charge and available in English only.

Order Forms for Educational Materials

Nutrition Education Materials for Health Professionals

The food flash cards and the Diabetes flipchart are supplementary nutrition education tools that can be used in patient education. The food flash cards are a box of 75 local food pictures that can be used at the discretion of the health professional in patient counselling. They are sold at R75 per box. The flipchart is a 12 page unlabelled diagrammatic display on the physiology of diabetes. Each page of the flipchart expands on the process of food digestion and what occurs in people with diabetes. They are sold at R20 per flipchart.

Order Forms for Educational Materials

Nutrition Training Kit

The Nutrition Training Kit (NTK) is a program targeted to nurses training institutions. NTK workshops are offered by a registered dietitian to nurse educators. These manuals shown are sold at cost to nursing students at a cost of R30 each. There are three series of the manuals available.

  1. Nutrition and non-communicable diseases
  2. Nutrition in Maternal and Child Health
  3. Nutrition in Chronic Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS & TB)
Order Form for Nutrition Training Kit

The South African Sugar Association

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