SASA’s Finance Division

SASA’s Finance division provides Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Governance, Treasury, Payroll, Procurement, Facilities Management and associated administration services to SASA. It is also responsible for monthly and annual financial reporting to the industry. The Treasury function includes the obtaining of all funds for industry requirements, for example carry-over stock and foreign exchange risk management.

Through Autolab, the division provides expert support and development of the Sugar Industry Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) utilised by all sugar mills within South Africa. LIMS is designed to manage growers’ estimates and allocations, and provides the source data for determining payments for sugar deliveries by growers. Autolab also develops and maintains the systems that track sugarcane through the milling process for the purpose of sampling and testing by the mills and Cane Testing Service (CTS) laboratories.

The Information Systems department provides technical support to computer users in the SASA divisions. The department is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of all computer network services. The weekly processing of the Industrial Systems that determine cane payment amounts for growers who have delivered sugarcane to the mills is also performed by the department.