Providing accurate information about sugar

As there is much discussion about sugar, this division offers science-based facts so that you are well equipped to make informed decisions for you and your family. The information has been reviewed by registered dietitians.

You, Food and Sugar

Sugar plays an important role in food production and preparation. We may add sugar for a little sweetness to our tea or coffee, but did you know that sugar plays an important role in food production, preparation, cooking and baking? Sugar is not used without reason – it has important functional properties. Sugar is a sweetener and preservative. With the pressure to reduce the sugar content in our foods, it is important to realise that sugar is difficult to replace in food production.

You, Life and Sugar

Sugar has been part of our lives for centuries and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle. This is about eating a variety of foods, drinking clean water, partaking in physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight.

You, Health and Sugar

A healthy lifestyle includes eating a variety of foods, physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight.

You, Diet and Sugar

Healthy eating, or a balanced diet, means eating a variety of foods to supply nutrients our bodies need. All food groups should be included. Let’s look at the different foods within these food groups, to make up a balanced diet. Carbohydrates, or starchy foods, are usually the staple foods for families in South Africa. They contribute most of our food energy. These foods are generally inexpensive and help to satisfy our appetite. Starchy foods include bread, rice, samp, porridge, cereals and pasta.

“Sugar is a carbohydrate and it is present in fruit, vegetables, sugarcane and sugar beet plants.”

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